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A World of Sounds at Your Fingertips

uFXloops is a community-based Soundboard Composer DAW, which simplifies music production, mix and recording of your creations, available in the Google Play store. We focused on an easy-to-learn, easy-to use approach, still letting you decide about how complex your music production is going to be. Just watch our introduction video to get a short overview of the uFXloops features. Everything you see there has been solely created with uFXloops. Use our community sounds or import your own samples and build your own melodic and percussive instruments. But before you try, we must warn you: uFXloops could be addictive! and we must admit, this is what we intended. Already installed uFXloops? Get Started Here.

Featured Today: Gangsta by Renegade

uFXloops Website and Community

You can register to our Community within the uFXloops App for free. This will open up the door to thousands of sounds which you can download and use in your own songs in compliance with the respective creative commons license given. You can also upload your own authored sounds to the community, share projects with your band / friends, work together on projects, and use other upcoming community features.

Like Music?

Everybody who wants to create, arrange, teach, practice or just play music via a mobile device should try uFXloops. It's free and provides an intuitive user experience so you don't need to struggle with it to get your first little project up and running. We work a lot on demos and tutorials to provide you with real good examples of what is possible with uFXloops. And we work on a lot of topics to improve it every day. Just have a look at our roadmap to find out more. Currently uFXloops is available for Android devices. Support for iOS devices is planned for later.

Hobby Musicians

Get inspired by the way that samples can be played together. Create your own melodies and Drum tracks. Mix and play whatever you like. Simultaneously. Download community projects and learn the tricks of the Pros. All you need is uFXloops and a soundfile or a few samples you wish to start with.

Songwriters, Bands, Producers

Just try uFXloops as your alternative quick 100-track-recorder, ready in less than three seconds to record your sound ideas and ready to be mixed and arranged in the soundboard. Or use our pattern editors for melodic and percussive instruments to get a quick drum and backing track ready for your own guitar / bass / synth / vocal track. Adjust Tempo and Pitch on the fly.

Teachers and Students

You can use uFXloops e.g. for musical projects, for practice and rehearsal. Did you ever wish you could infinitely repeat the same 16 bars of a song, slow it down, and practice it? Consider it done with uFXloops.

Music Enthusiasts

Create your own mixes and be your own DJ. Record your mixes as *.ogg file, play them everywhere, share them with the world. We give you the possibilities, you start getting creative.

Get started today

If you have an Android device: Just get the uFXloops App at Google Play, Start it, let it create the demo project and start playing around with the demo. And have a look at our Getting Started section, where we provide tutorials and more videos, at our frequently updated FAQ section, where we answer questions you might have regarding functionality, legal stuff, our cooperations, etc. and finally our roadmap, explaining which developments we would like to drive forward in the upcoming months, always respecting your wishes and needs as an active User of uFXloops. We hope our App will make you smile, because that's what we did, when we tested it and made the tutorials. And we promise to work hard on performance and usability to make you control uFXloops even faster in the upcoming months. And now - this is not about us - this is about you.

Create. Play. Share. Music.

Sincerely, your uFXloops Team.