How To Register

Registration can only be done in the uFXloops Android App. You get it on Google Play.Once you installed the App, click on "Community" on the App Start screen and follow the registration procedure. Please take care to enter a valid e-mail address during registration, otherwise activation is not possible. It is important that you activate your account after registration (with the activation link in the E-Mail), otherwise login to the web is not possible.
We keep your private data private. For more information, have a look at our Privacy Policy

Is the ufxloops App only available on Android?

Yes, for the time being. The reason is simple. We don't have the development capacities at the moment to develop it for iOS or as an X86 application. However with bluestacks, it is possible to run uFXloops on a PC/MAC.

I have a tablet, what about a tablet version?

uFXloops is now optimized for both phones and tablets.

I want to upload a sample but I'm unsure about copyright...

Copyright issues are a serious threat to our Platform, so in the case that you are unsure about a sound's copyright - Do not upload! If you think you have created the sound, please answer yourself the following questions before uploading:
Did I produce the sound by myself, recorded it acoustic or does the sound belong to nobody (e.g. nature, birds, acoustic guitar)?
Then it is probably ok to upload.
If you did not produce the sound by yourself, but you own a Creative Commons License (commons-by or commons-zero), you can upload the sound, but take care of proper attribution of the original author and license.
Do NOT Upload non-changed samples, sampled from digital synthesizers or VSTs.
This applies to all PCM based Synthesizers / Drum machines / Workstation Keyboards and so on.

What's the difference between a free and a Premium Account?

Nearly all functions are available with a free acount. However there are some premium functions only available to premium users: Only with the Premium version you are able to do Audio Playback and Recordings with full 44,1 Khz Samplerate. This is CD quality. With the Free version this is limited to 22050 Hz. Still good sound, but not CD quality.
Further with a Premium Account you will see no ads in the App.
All community samples downloads are FREE with a Premium Account.
All export functions (Export to MIDI, Export your Project as a zip file, to share it with friends) are unlocked.
No network is required for recording.

Is the Premium Upgrade bound to a device?

No, the Premium Upgrade, as well as all your uploaded / downloaded samples, bought and earned Coins are bound to your User account at ufxloops.com. So please take good care of your account, and enjoy Premium on all your devices once you bought it one time.
To activate an existing Premium Account on a new device, simply hit the Community Button in the App and Login with that account.

How is my Login password protected?

Your account password is not stored in clear text on the device, neither it is stored in clear text on our servers. Even we do not know your password. And all our communication protocols to our servers are encrypted with strong encryption completely.
So take good care of your password and don't give it to others. Our Support will never ask you for a password, but they may ask you to confirm your e-mail address with which you registered. So be sure to remember it ;-)

Are you affiliated with Freesound.org?

No, we are not affiliated with freesound.org, but we endorse and respect them a lot and appreciate their community work. A lot of Sounds uploaded to ufxloops.com originate from freesound. In this case the license questions have often been clarified months or years ago, and it's easy to attribute the original authors. So basically we would recommend everyone to have a look at freesound.org, register a user there and also upload samples to the freesound community. Freesound.org are the Pioneers who worked the road for uFXloops. And Freesound.org users are first class citizens in our community.

uFXloops is great, but I am missing...

Tell us, if you miss something. We developed this App for you, so we will always listen to you, when you request new features. We have a roadmap for our development, so for example more community features and more App features like Effects are already on the way. Also see our roadmap page for that. But if you miss any function you urgently need for your projects, please use our contact form, or just write a mail to support [at] ufxloops.com. We promise to answer and to work together with you. Our mission is that you experience great fun with uFXloops and we will do everything to increase your fun with every new development we do.

How do you position against other Music Apps and Platforms?

Basically we do not position "against" somebody. We understand our App as a complimentary App to others. In fact we like Caustic a lot, for example. But we did not build our App with the aim to be a 'me-too' App doing the same fruity caustic pocket loops as in other apps. We wanted something new, focusing on a user experience with key areas in usability and performance. That doesn't necessarily mean that uFXloops needed to be the prettiest App in the world ;-) But after a short learning curve a user should be able to draw musical ideas, find the right sounds and compose and play everything together at least two times faster than with any other music production tool on the market. That means for us, for example shortest startup time, shortest switch time between activities, highly optimized caches, highly optimized and secure network protocol, intuitive logic and a built-in musical intelligence where possible, with still lots of possibilities for the user on the other hand.
With version 1.0 of uFXloops we are still far from being there, but that is what keeps our developers excited and hungry to implement all the outstanding new functions. For this also see our development roadmap, this might also answer questions about features that you miss right now. So, to summarize we see our App and Platform as the toolset for producers and people having fun in mixing sounds, i.e. creative people. We are on the production side with a soundhub on a layer between platforms like Freesound.org and Platforms like SoundCloud.com. That means we don't focus on what these platforms do, i.e. we try to avoid hosting 'raw' samples, because we need customized, directly usable content for uFXloops. And we don't see us as a presentation platform for your final mixes, because to be honest, there is no better platform than SoundCloud for this.

What about these Coins in the App?

We developed a simple model how to cover our development and hosting costs, which favors creation over consumption: Users who would like to use the App to download and consume a lot of stuff should pay a bit for the service. Users who are actively contributing to the community should be rewarded. This is realized with a simple Coins model and a dynamic pricing. Uploaders of originally authored material earn Coins when others download their sounds. These Coins can be used for subsequent downloads by the uploaders. That keeps everybody motivated to create a new sound and upload it. Further the dynamic pricing will help promoting new sounds in the way, that sounds with only a few or zero downloads are completely free. That will keep up the good mood as many of the samples can just be downloaded for free then if you are fast enough. And of course we will do our best to find a very low pricing for our service. If you run out of coins, you can always create your own samples by importing them manually, this is just more work then. However we want to prevent duplicate uploads, so by just copying an existing sound and uploading it, still the original uploader of the sound will be rewarded.
The next logical step is Upload / Download of instruments and projects, where we want to keep the idea of the Coins model and adapt it to these entities.

I like your idea, can I support you?

Yes, you can. As we are a very young community we need the word spread that we are liked. The more we attract users, the greater the benefit for our community. So tell your friends and ask them to try and register. Provide them your username so they can enter you as the inviting person when they are registering. That way you also earn 500 Coins as a reward for your support. Link us on your webpage, blogs, write an article about us and talk about uFXloops. Upload your musical productions to other platforms and tell everybody how you created them.
By promoting us you also promote yourself and vice versa.
But please keep in mind that with all you do, we do not endorse spamming or soliciting in any way on any other platform. So please be respectful and personal with what you do.