uFXloops2 - Important Changes

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06/07/2015 10:38, by Andreas

uFXloops2 - Important Changes

This is a short list of what changed in uFXloops2. For all of you who did not yet upgrade... please do it. We think it's really worth it.
So, besides the new UI (please feedback on that), and a lot of optimizations for tablets, we have the following bigger changes:

1. Project Export
If possible, uFXloops will now export to /uFXloops/export/projects
Why? In case of an uninstall, you will no longer lose your already exported projects. It was very dangerous as you could lose a lot of work with an uninstall. You still need to EXPORT your projects before an uninstall to save your work, and we also strongly recommend to backup the zip file of an exported project!

2. The new start Jingle (made with uFXloops)
I was sick of the old one (of couse it was a great jingle because my son made it), but the new one was designed to be shorter and funnier. I hope you like it. Otherwise disable it in the settings

3. The new font
uFXloops looks funnier with the new font, don't you think so? However if you want the system font, you can switch off the custom font in the settings.

4. Community Sample Likes/Dislikes
This is a great and very personal feature. You can now like or disklike community samples. A personal information, that can then be filtered (filter your liked ones, hide your disliked ones). As we get more and more samples, you can avoid searching for samples you already listened to and did not like.

5. Coins Rewards and Insterstials OFF for Any Buy
We introduced coins rewards which can be gathered by downloads and later by other activities. One day you hunt the coins reward, the next day you collect it.
Also, for ANY In-App-Buy, the Full-Screen-Ads are turned off permanently. As we have to live from something, please consider buying something when you use uFXloops regularly. It helps funding our community and servers.

6. Volume and Balance Controls in the Slot Samples List
This was a last-minute change which can really save you a lot of time. Mix a slot which contains several samples directly in the list.

7. Clear Search Icon in all Search fields
It was sometimes annoying to clean the search term manually, by deleting it letter for letter. You can now use the clear search icon in the search field. One click and the search is cleared and refreshed.

8. Check for network connection on Start, introducing a Promo Popup
We are checking for network on start now, and show a hint, if network is not available. uFXloops can run without network of course. But please consider turning it on. We are mainly living from the ad revenue. We also introduced a Promotion popup which will be shown in case the network is not available.

9. Important fix for sample import
Sample import crashed when you tried to import mp3 file which wasn't of mp3 format. This is fixed now.

10. Important fix for pickups (negative startbar)
This should work much better now (also part switches and variants are tested with it).

11. The File Chooser (for importing stuff) goes one directory up now on back key pressed.

I'm sure I forgot something, but you will find out :-)

06/10/2015 07:56, by MadRabbit

Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

Many thanks, the upgrade is spot on. And the export change is great because I was one of the users that lost months of work, it was my fault but still devastating, these projects take time. The MP3 fix is great too, also the volume/balance. The community like/dislike will bring the community together I think and become more interactive. The jingle and font is cool, cheers.

06/09/2015 17:25, by jedi191

Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

The changes are great! This is by far the best protection tool I've ever used off of a desk top.

06/09/2015 23:52, by user0127567

Re: Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

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06/14/2015 00:46, by user0129443

Re: Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

hi there I have been waiting for you to update this app because it needs a few beats and ect

06/29/2015 09:59, by Dj_Alghazali

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08/21/2015 20:58, by RosendoChuvaLuis

Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

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03/31/2017 22:23, by user0678502

Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

fantastic app guys

06/05/2017 18:08, by user0712740

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09/05/2017 09:17, by josephdennis

Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

OK thanks

02/01/2018 21:04, by DJAutoshy

Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

how do I import my tracks from music library.

09/10/2020 11:59, by millicent

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03/11/2021 14:25, by Judokem2

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04/26/2021 22:50, by turfeldt

Re: uFXloops2 - Important Changes

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05/24/2021 05:15, by user01499450

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08/28/2020 06:26, by user01389906

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06/12/2021 08:10, by user01504733

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