Rap Trap by Rhea

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06/20/2015 16:09, by Andreas

Rap Trap by Rhea

Thank you very much Rhea, for uploading 'Rap Trap', this new community project is amazing works!
A Vocoder made of the Hip Hop Strings, this is unbelievable. The quality of this project is perfect and a great example how a community project can be shared best:

- have it in a 4*4 or smaller grid
- colorize all slot buttons
- have a playing variant recorded
- have a good live recording assigned representing your work in the best possible way
- have meaningful names for all slots
- have it well mixed and FX applied
and last but not least
- let the composition itself be unique and fun for the ears

Rhea, you managed to receive five stars for every single aspect of it!
Thank you so much.

So for all the others, please check it out, the project is called 'Rap Trap'. It's really worth a download.

12/11/2015 01:24, by thetomthai

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01/17/2016 21:23, by user0352933

Re: Rap Trap by Rhea

i wanna feat rhea on a beat if thats ill send da project soon if thats okay

11/24/2015 20:44, by RecklessRalph

Re: Rap Trap by Rhea

no problem

02/25/2019 01:26, by traoresydy

Re: Re: Rap Trap by Rhea

i want

04/21/2019 04:20, by adamdamara

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