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09/06/2015 20:14, by Andreas

New Users...

please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our getting started page:

Use this forum (help section) to post your questions. We know, the beginning is not so easy with uFXloops, but the fruits of your patience and learning will be big. We believe that uFXloops is the fastest iterative song composer/arranger in the world through its soundboard-based approach and the way that you can loops combined with melodic and rythmic patterns, so you just need a little bit of time to understand how fast this navigation works.

Most important: the community is full of sounds in the projects, samples and instruments lists. You just need to activate the community search to find, listen and download them.

04/08/2017 19:56, by user0683267

Re: New Users...

plz take out nice beats

04/19/2017 16:42, by vaneskalalo

Re: New Users...

yu uii

04/25/2017 18:13, by Deldoz

Re: New Users...

Hi,please help out, after registering, I can't log in from my phone, I can only access the community online .
User: Deldoz

04/02/2017 11:25, by user0679462

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05/18/2017 17:24, by liltim

Re: Re: New Users...


05/23/2017 12:55, by user0706381

Re: New Users...

there is no activation link

05/31/2017 11:43, by user0710220

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DJ banana nai

10/10/2017 19:47, by zangsbrown

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how can i get free coins

10/14/2017 19:27, by Monoranjon

i cant understand ! whats going on ?


10/30/2017 14:39, by kingbell

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02/06/2018 01:07, by user0832250



02/06/2018 01:05, by user0832250



02/06/2018 01:09, by user0832250



02/15/2018 01:14, by jpulse

Re: New Users...

I can't click on sample its red

03/12/2018 01:00, by jlclark1983


thank You all for a bad ass app.
I will use up t wisely

04/03/2018 01:52, by user0866400

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04/11/2018 13:57, by abenny

Re: New Users...abenny

I want to know how to use this application i need to build my own song please help

09/02/2018 21:19, by Rider

Re: New Users...

no activation link please.
I want to export some patterns

09/08/2018 11:53, by user0963015

suraj mudi

suraj dj

09/13/2018 05:11, by user0966225

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Khalid Raj

09/20/2018 15:40, by user0970997

Re: New Users...

i want to strat making music

03/12/2018 05:52, by user0852907

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10/08/2018 13:37, by user0982915

Re: Re: New Users...

how to make beats with fl mobile studio?