uFXloops 2.0.2

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10/01/2015 18:20, by Andreas

uFXloops 2.0.2

Dear Community,

tonight we release version 2.0.2 of uFXloops. From my personal feeling this will be (sorry, I do normally not use this word, it shouldn't be meant as marketing hype) nothing less but a gamechanger.

With uFXloops Version 2.0.2 a seemless import of Magix Music Maker Jam Soundpools will be possible. That works so fluent and fast that creating an own project with the help of possibly thousands of loops of installed soundpools will become very easy. So especially for users who use both Magix Music Maker Jam and uFXloops - you can do what uFXloops is supposed for: really create own projects. Combine predefined sounds and custom rhythms and melodies. Everything will go from here.

There are a lot of other enhancements and fixes in version 2.0.2 and we did thoroughly test it.
But as with every new release - there could be bugs, and we're ready to catch them if you find things are not working as expected. The only thing I need in case of problems is your FEEDBACK, either as a mail or here in the forum.

There is also a new restriction which some of you may not find 'nice'. Live Recordings and import of MMJ soundpools require an active network connection for non-premium users. uFXloops is a free app, but we cannot completely wave all revenue streams. We need the ads at least. This is not about getting greedy, but to ensure further development of uFXloops. Hoping for your understanding.

I count on you. And you can count on uFXloops.

10/31/2015 06:06, by truthwhiterappa

Re: uFXloops 2.0.2

hype need upgrades and new instruments

10/31/2015 06:32, by Andreas

Re: Re: uFXloops 2.0.2


if you want to enrich the uFXloops sound community with new sounds and instruments, please get familiar with the upload procedure.
You can upload your own samples, instruments and projects as a registered active user, it just needs a bit of practice.
Once you uploaded your first object, we will contact and assist you and discuss on quality guidelines.
And please don't spam the forum with youtube messages and never provide an e-mail address in the forum, such messages get deleted very fast. In case you can deliver, we will promote you anyhow. :-)
You can contact support via its e-mail address for any personal questions.

Best regards

10/31/2015 10:02, by StephanieSancia

Re: uFXloops 2.0.2

Dear Andreas, With all due respect I uninstalled this a long time ago because I asked you if you could develop this so I could import my 1000's of Magix Music Maker loops and you shot Rhett idea downv and said you did not want to go that way and that THIS was a REAL Daw and suggested that using Magix loops was not really creating music so I uninstalled.

And I've just checked and you have instigated that VERY idea I don't get it ? If I can import my loops then that's great as I have just about EVERY Daw there is and Magix is my MAIN Daw. IMHO the system of downloading one beat for every part of a mix is FAR too time consuming. If I can use my 7 magix DVD loops that will be fab.

Regards Stephanie


Why the sudden change and why were you so anti towards my idea WAY BACK ?

10/31/2015 10:12, by Andreas

Re: Re: uFXloops 2.0.2

Hi Stephanie,
I think you did not really understand what ufxloops 2.0.2 does.

At first, this is about Magix Music Maker Jam. Not Magix Music Maker.

Magix Music Maker Jam is an Android App with own Soundpools.
And if you have MMJ installed with its soundpools you can now easily use them and combine them with your own sounds and patterns in uFXloops. But - there is no import of MMJ loops - they are only referenced, and you need to have MMJ and its soundpools installed all the time, otherwise those loops are not playable.

Way back you were talking about making uFXloops LIKE Magix Music Maker Jam. I'm still clearly against this proposal. But uFXloops should be as open as possible for other sound sources, that's the way we go.

I would be glad if you check out the possibilites and understand the differences. :-)

Best regards

12/19/2018 21:09, by pelekelonamunji

Re: uFXloops 2.0.2

I can receive the email from uxfloop community. plz help me

11/19/2015 22:42, by user0268290

Re: uFXloops 2.0.2

i appreciate it, 'the thing is i love music

01/10/2019 21:20, by user01051094

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10/01/2015 19:23, by ChamboBeatz

Re: uFXloops 2.0.2m

Awesome news! I love the magix music maker just as much as uFXloops but now a combination of the two!?? Can't wait for the update! Keep up the hard work guys, its paying off big time :)

10/01/2015 20:42, by Andreas

Re: Re: uFXloops 2.0.2m

Thank you. I'm excited what you say when you got it.

03/03/2019 06:31, by user01088567

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05/07/2021 23:22, by user01494547

Re: uFXloops 2.0.2

mc Frank

05/16/2021 10:44, by elquin

Re: uFXloops 2.0.2

I want to make mix

06/15/2021 05:19, by martinmayotte

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