uFXloops 2.0.3

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10/31/2015 19:33, by Andreas

uFXloops 2.0.3

Today uFXloops has been released and published on Google Play.
This update contains two worthful new features and some fixes.

1. The soundboard has a new "instant" composing mode
This improves your composing speed a lot, because all the wait times until a slot queues and dequeues are gone with this mode. Slots still play synched but immediate with this mode. And you can still switch back to the "old" music mode for arrangements, live- and variant-recording.

2. Community Searches have quick-search tags now.
With these tags you can just search by clicking, no typing any more.
And for special searches you can still type in the search field.

We also fixed some glitches, e.g. with negative start bars, when stepping out of recorded variants, with some uneven slot queuing, the retry registration bug and so on.

We wish you a lot of fun with this new version of uFXloops

11/19/2015 22:40, by user0268290

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

wow great!!!

11/04/2015 10:15, by bakurio

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

preciso de mais lopes

10/31/2017 14:16, by user0782825

Re: Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

Surya toppo

03/31/2018 05:54, by user0864579

Re: Re: Re: uFXloops 2.0.3


11/04/2015 04:42, by KAoTiX

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

alright some more!!!! love these improvments

11/15/2017 01:03, by justmwanza

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god year

03/10/2018 14:47, by user0851927

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

to be honest

04/20/2018 02:54, by user0877058

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

dinesh Kumar

04/20/2018 20:39, by user0877443

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

nao falei lada porqu
e te amo

05/07/2018 12:43, by user0887543

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

kem vin

05/14/2018 16:56, by user0891385

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

re: ufxloops 2.0.3

03/07/2018 14:58, by user0849620

Re: uFXloops 2.0.3

music bit

07/23/2018 10:19, by user0931586

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