uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

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11/18/2015 10:30, by Andreas

uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

uFXloops 2.0.6 is now available on Google Play.

It contains a new feature: MIDI import and export.
MIDI import is a free feature for everyone, MIDI export is a Pro feature, available to Premium users.

uFXloops 2.0.6. already contains 100 MIDI songs in the App, which you can use to create patterns with.

Please see the POST 'MIDI - How it works' in the help section. Further the operations manual will be updated for version 2.0.6 in the next days.
You will it then find it via https://www.ufxloops.com/gettingstarted.

Other new features worth to mention:

- the soundboard works better for smaller devices and larger grids now, the racknames are no longer displayed if the grid is too big or the device is too small.
- You can open the mixer overlay in the soundboard in composing mode now (via the context menu)
- You can unlock features via TapJoy - without buying coins. You can even unlock a 30-days Premium Account.
- for uploaders there is a new limitation we had to introduce: now you can start uploading sounds when you have at least 20 App Starts as a registered active user.

Have fun with this MIDI release.

11/19/2015 22:39, by user0268290

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

wow thts great i ddnt know tht!..bt now i know

11/21/2015 09:38, by doktorjeebs

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

I find the MIDI quite helpful, no doubt it would improve project quality, it's amazing you open up great songs, to see the beauty of the composition, I implore any one to take time to go through the list. Great Work, Andreas!

12/04/2015 22:27, by zack

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

ex clusi

12/03/2015 08:04, by Cmorgan

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

I don't have this feature,how can I get it??

12/13/2015 21:27, by Andreas

Re: Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

Hi Cmorgan,
you need to have at least version 2.0.6.
Current version is 2.0.7.
Maybe you should upgrade?

12/31/2015 06:25, by aldhy

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

very good

03/29/2019 15:43, by user01106491

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

i need clean beat

04/20/2019 05:29, by user01119619

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05/06/2019 08:25, by user01127664

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05/13/2019 18:49, by user01130172

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

help me

06/21/2019 03:58, by user01146680

Re: uFXloops 2.0.6 MIDI Release

Tempo Precarious