uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

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01/12/2016 19:20, by Andreas

uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

Today we released version 2.0.8 on Google Play!

Here's a short list of the new and improved functions of this version:

- Music Maker Jam Soundpool samples can now be filtered by their scale (1-7), this makes it a lot easier to select those with the same scale.

Info for new users: if you want to use MMJ soundpools, make sure you have Music Maker Jam installed and some themes downloaded. You can then use them in uFXloops directly, without the need of importing them as samples:

In the soundboard, click on an empty slot.
In the slot samples list, choose +MMJ Loop.

- Quick Search Tags for local samples:
You probably hate typing too much as much as we do. So we also introduced the quicksearch tags for local samples, providing some search ideas in the local samples list. Just click on them, if you want to show samples tagged with this tag.

- Community Categories as Quick Searches for community projects and instruments: once you hit the search field, these quick search buttons are shown to speed up your searches.

- Used instruments for community projects: this is very useful for users, who like the sound of a project but do not want to download the complete project, but some of its instruments instead. Just click on "Instruments" in the community search list for projects.

- Copy live recordings to SD card quickly: Via "My Recordings" on the Main screen, by hitting the new "Copy" icon for a live recording, you can copy it to SD card folder Music/uFXloops.

- Ping Pong Delay: This new effect variation is available as FX setting now. Long-click on one of the FX buttons in the Mixer tab to use it.

- High Pass Filter for Delays has been added.

- A clearer indication on all "FREE" stuff in all community lists has been introduced with the new "FREE" icon.

Have fun with this new version, any feedback appreciated.

01/12/2016 21:43, by infinite_indigo

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

I have not yet had a chance to strike a single note yet, but I just read the email and the upgrade details have simplified our lives forever. Bravo guys!! Thank you!!---!! and I know I don't have to in any way, remind you, to keep up the good work....
because that's a given.

Just know, that your time and effort or not, taken for granted and I/(we)~ appreciate it tremendously.
but, technically I can only speak for myself.
What do you say people???
How about we see a little chatter.
uFX! uFX! uFX!
Indigo out!

01/12/2016 22:21, by Andreas

Re: Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

Thank you Indigo :-)

08/16/2019 14:06, by user01180998

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Re: Re: Re:

01/14/2016 19:50, by kikorocks

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released. (possible bug)

Great stuff Andreas from what I read just like the other guy this will be great once I start hitting some notes . In trying it for a small amount of time I did find what might be a bug. I know you and your staff be quick to fix it though . when setting up a melodic instrument track (especially guitars) after entering a few notes , and and returning to the note entering field. Notes that are added after being saved after the original ones were entered, sound dead. They sound as if you would go off the octive scale or note range I tried it with the identical note played after the first, and it still happens. I hope you can repeat this problem so it can be fixed. Thank you ,
Kiko Rocks CJP

01/14/2016 20:28, by Andreas

Re: Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released. (possible bug)

Hi Kiko,
thank you very much, I'll check.
Can this be prevented for you when you go back and then start instrument edit again for your new instrument?
Best regards

01/15/2016 03:27, by kikorocks

Re: Possible Problem

When I switched to a different instrument, the added notes that were "dead sounding" or "out of tune" will stay on the first instrument. If I start with the Strat guitar, then switch to violin the problem notes are still in Strat guitar ( It does make for some cool effects though !)
Thank You,
Kikorocks CJP

01/15/2016 09:02, by Andreas

Re: Re: Possible Problem

Hi Kiko,
Update: I could reproduce the problem, will be fixed ASAP.
It seems to be that this problem already existed for a while, but maybe nobody noticed so far :-)
You will notice that your account has +10000 coins. This is a reward for your bug report, thank you very much for finding that.
Best regards

01/15/2016 16:50, by Andreas

Re: Re: Possible Problem

Dear Kiko,
this bug could be eliminated with a bugfix in version 2.0.9.
Version 2.0.9 will be released today after successful regression testing, because this bug has also some internal severity in cache behavior.
Again thank you very much for reporting this, please upgrade to 2.0.9 as soon as it is available.
Best regards

01/17/2016 11:33, by user0352346

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released


05/19/2019 12:35, by VtorrTen

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

I need this Version.

07/03/2019 10:03, by user01154618

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

Very good are the devices, I really like them

07/04/2019 06:16, by irfankhan

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 r hieleased


08/16/2019 14:06, by user01180998

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10/04/2019 23:27, by user01209177

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

nzuri sana

10/06/2019 07:29, by user01209990

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released

Oh really

10/10/2019 12:19, by user01212324

Re: uFXloops Version 2.0.8 released