Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

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01/28/2016 18:35, by Andreas

Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

We have fixed some problems with version 2.11

- Magix Music Maker Jam Loop import: there was an import issue once you stepped out of the Soundpools directory. This is fixed now, and you can no longer jump out of that directory.

- Pattern Edit Crash on Instrument Selection on older Android 4.0 devices is fixed.

- FX problems in Patternedit for slots with multiple patterns using the new FX (Chorus and Flanger) - fixed

- And there is no longer a network connection needed after upgrade

09/06/2018 12:32, by user0961608

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

fl studio

02/03/2016 00:15, by bertox

Is this a Bug? I hope!

Hey, since 2.10 version i have a serious problem with a functionality that i've been using since day one:

when i put some samples on a slot and i want to organize them to play serial, one after another i always used the slide bar on top the slot edit page to select the TOTAL quantity of bars of the summed samples.

Now i can't do that anymore! The only alternative is to enter and put the total samples by hand sample by sample, increasing the workflow efforts notably, or using the Sequencer Mode which i don't want to use for several reasons like obligated looping and lack of sample/bar location indicators while playing.

I.e: i've put 5 samples in a slot with 10 bars each. Then put the top slide bar on 50 (slot total bars). Then in each sample select the appropriate start place, let's say 1st on 0 bar, 2nd on 10 bars, 3rd on 20 bars and so.
This is all the work. Not more.

Now with the new 'bug' i have to do double the work, not only selecting the right slot start place on each sample but select the total bars and 'note' bars too (which need to be the same at Total Bars). TRIPLE THE WORK!!

Why is that? I hope this is a bug.


02/03/2016 08:12, by Andreas

Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Hi Bertox,

please try with version 2.1.2 - there was a 'bug' indeed, that the bars in the slot samples automatically raised when the slot bars were raised. We changed this. So if you turn the top slider up, the slot samples total and loop bars should not change anymore.

Besides that:
I really do not recommend slots greater than 16 bars. When you look at 130 community projects, none of them has slots greate than 16 bars. The reason is simple: uFXloops is designed as a looper, and you lose a lot of flexibility when having slots with more bars.
The only reason we did not implement this as a restriction was to give most possible freedom to our users.

Best regards

02/03/2016 09:23, by bertox

Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Sorry to hear that, the 'bug' you said didn't ever 'restricted' me but did make my workflow easier. Thanks for that 'freedom' you gave me, but you are cutting it now, don't know why.

Maybe if you could add some indicators on slots with sequence mode my problem solves, like kind of leds indicating which sample are playing at real time to know when to touch another slot on time.

Or maybe a more easier one: just one led indicator, pointing that last sample of the sequence are playing. Just one.

Doing that i don't need to escalate to big bars slots, saves effort on making songs and just use sequence mode when needed for big splitted samples.

Thanks. Please think about it, your app are the only one on android which allow me to do the job.

02/03/2016 09:47, by bertox

Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Second thought and simpler ideas, without adding nothing: perhaps you could make tilting the actual led of the sequenced slot when reaching the last sample on round. Or maybe tilting the continuous bar when playing last sample.


02/03/2016 09:55, by Andreas

Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Hi Bertox,

we're not cutting it (?), there will be no restriction on slot bars in the future. You can use 50 bars slots, and the functionality has been corrected in a way that samples bars are no longer raised to slot bars when you move the slot bars slider on top up.
(which is actually good for you, isn't it).
So use whatever you like, sequenced or non-sequenced.
I personally prefer to use 'smaller' slots and use track numbers and playback variants to keep track of it.
Of course if you have a very long melody (e.g. 32 bars, which would be pretty long, wouldn't it?), you can do two 16-bars patterns in one slot and change the startbar of the second one.

Best regards

02/03/2016 10:22, by bertox

Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

You misunderstood me, i said what you corrected or fixed just worse my workflow and triplicate my efforts.

I NEED the samples bars to raise when moving the top slider. This isn't a 'bug' to be corrected for me but a job time saver.

This is what i meant when i said that now it was 'cutted'. You 'fixed' it, but ruined for me. Cause' now to do the same job i'm forced to enter these parameters on each and every separated slot, previously was with one and simple top slide bar applying on all samples simultaneously.

For that, if you don't want to reestablish the 'bug' (which wasn't a bug for me), are the alternative ideas of making blinking the slot led or similar when the last sample of a sequenced slot are reached.

I mean, the thing is, i really need to be advised when the last sample are playing. If not, i can't know when to change slot.


02/03/2016 11:07, by Andreas

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Hi Bertox,
you should set the number of repeats for these samples to 1 then.
Samples should have the actual bars that they are playing. That was the reason for the change.
For example: if you have a 2 bars drum loop and put it in an 8 bars slot, you WANT it to repeat every two bars. Even if you raise slot bars to 16, it still should repeat for all the time the slot is playing.
When you look at the use cases, you will see that there are more cases where you need to prevent raising these bars than those special cases where you actually want them to be raised.
And sorry, there will be no special indicator in the soundboard, when the last sample of the sequence is reached. That would be just too confusing.
Best regards

02/03/2016 11:45, by bertox

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Yes, you want the sample to repeat itself if it's a looped slot, but not if you wanna use the slot to play samples in a sequence form, one after another, in this case you need to avoid the samples repeating and need to raise the total bars in slot and in sample to compensate. We agree on that, i think.

Now, why would be confusing and extra indicating way, like blinking the continuous bar or similar, just for sequenced mode slots and just for last sample?

I think it have logic. Without indication, how anyone notice when the sequenced slot are about to finish? It's very difficult to be advised just for listening.

Please, i'll be very grateful, i don't wanna stuck on 2.09 version forever.

Thanks anyway.

02/03/2016 12:30, by Andreas

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Dear Bertox,

sorry, the number of repeats will not work in this case, I tested this, and the repeat number is only for repeats in the sample loop I believe this is a bug and needs to be fixed for both patterns and loops. Currently you're right, in that case you have to raise the bars.

So I will change it in a way that the number of repeats is working in that case (as every user would expect that). And it becomes easier for you to change these slots, as you only need to set repeats to '1' then (which means "play it only one time for the slot") - after this has been fixed in the next version.

If you feel stuck on version 2.0.9 because of the time needed to raise the bars for these 'special' slots, you miss a lot of new features. The five new effect processors are really cool.

Did you see the video "January" ?

Best regards

02/03/2016 20:03, by bertox

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Now the number of repeats are secondary to me, first i need to set samples on sequence order and that just push me to raise the total slot bars number. Cause' in fact there is only one big sample but splitted on pieces just because on sample editor the app don't allow to save big size loops.

i.e: 1 big sample of 100 bars splitted in 4 of 25 bars, then order to play at 0, 25, 50 and 75.

If i don't allow to repeat the loop but maintain the sample starts on zero they sounds all overlapping anyway.

If i change the start point of samples but don't raise the total bars of slot (and in samples) only the 1st sample sounds and the rest goes silent, the slot are just 25 bars, like the sample are.

Now, a question:

are you saying that if i put the repeat on just 1, been raised only the total slot bars top slider to 100 but leaving the internal samples total bar slider and note slider on 25, and after properly set the samples start points (0, 25, 50, 75) it should works like i expected, i mean the same way i've been doing all this time before you has 'fixed' the old top slider 'bug'?

If it's true and i understood well i don't need to stuck on v2.09 after you fix it(i never thought it was bugged either, never test it) for the next version.


02/03/2016 20:41, by Andreas

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Regarding your question: Yes! that will be the case then. Just setting correct startbar and setting repeats to '1' is enough then. Sample Bars should be 25 in that case.
- This is currently not working and I regard this as a bug, as every user would expect this behavior. So it will be fixed that way.

02/03/2016 21:16, by bertox

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Thanks a lot!

Just a thing: would don't be terribly-much-easier just allowing to save unlimited sized samples on sample editor?

This way it may saves REALLY a lot of slicing and calculating work to me. ;)

The RAM size of my tablet or cellphone i don't think would be a problem. In fact the size loaded in memory now are the same, just splitted. And so the song loading time.

Why limiting it if it's the same?


02/03/2016 21:47, by Andreas

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Hi bertox,

good that you ask. This limit is really about RAM size.
I know that for you, the RAM size needed is now the same.
but imagine, if someone has several track of a whole song, he would start importing all these long tracks and assign slots to it.
This app has 1500 users every day and can run 30 hours in average without a single crash. But when I raise that limit for samples in the sample editor, we would see a lot of crashes and a lot of complaints and bad ratings because of that.
It's good that uFXloops works for you, in the way you are using it - but it was not 'intented' to use it in that way (you know, we had that discussion some time earlier).
So I'm happy that you found a way for you to use it to play mp3 songs and play some own sounds together with it :-)

Best regards

02/03/2016 22:08, by bertox

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Ok, understood, i don't wanna lots of crashes and complaints to you of lots of users that may charges the entire mp3 library on app without knowing the limits and making the cell or tablet to explode in their faces and in your forum.. hehe :p

Wtv, i don't use just mp3: i prepare my songs on PC and then downs to app. The long samples are just for songs intros, endings and maybe some chorus and interlude. The rest slots are just normal 8 bars loops, on which i play above with my sax on street to earn money for living.

I will wait to the next version now.


02/03/2016 22:28, by Andreas

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Thank you too Bertox!
As you discovered a bug and are using uFXloops in public places (so you show uFXloops to the world), this was worth 2000 coins added to your account, so you can download more community instruments and samples to help you with your compositions.
The next patch will be delivered in approximately three weeks.
All the best from my side for your music career, I admire this.

02/03/2016 22:38, by bertox

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Thanks man. ^^

02/16/2016 07:03, by Andreas

Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Dear Bertox,
you can do it with the number of repeats in the loop settings now (Version 2.1.3).
So please use the "real" bars of the samples, and set the number of repeats to "1", then they will be played only one time in the slot, starting at the defined start bar.
Please let me know whether there are still issues with it.
Best regards

02/16/2016 07:54, by bertox

Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Yeah, works well now. :)

Another thing: why the looped and non-looped slots works overlapping in the performance mode?

Looped slots plays good on the same track, one after another, but if i play a non-looped slot and then try to play a looped slot it don't waits until previous slot finish, just start playing overlapped.

On normal mode, the one with the play and stop buttons, it works just fine. The problem is on performance mode.


02/16/2016 09:22, by Andreas

Re: Re: Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

Hi Bertox,
thanks a lot for your feedback.
I will check this (so far we only tests for the other way round - starting with a looped slot and then playing the non-looped as a break).
What I would really appreciate - when you use uFXloops for a busy day, could you take some notes on what you think could be handled better? I would be very interested in such an experienced user recap, maybe there are things that I have overseen.
Why I'm asking is: we plan another UI makeover, with the main aim to reduce the need to switch screens, to reduce typing and to have smoother transitions - and any input would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards

10/16/2018 13:13, by user0988267

Re: Is this a Bug? I hope!

raj kumar yadav

11/03/2018 18:24, by desireka

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Icvvvmport / Pattern Edit Crash

[email protected]

04/29/2020 21:17, by user01333139

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

well done

05/01/2020 08:51, by user01334081

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

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05/22/2020 18:40, by kptdope

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

sweet I like that

08/28/2018 06:43, by user0955274

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash pintu dj basti

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05/31/2020 16:37, by mandell088

Re: Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash pintu dj basti

so sweet

07/25/2020 00:07, by rainboy2

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

Wow how can I download it

07/31/2020 05:29, by strachan

Re: Version 2.11 - Fixes for MMJ Import / Pattern Edit Crash

operation manual