Version 2.14 is released

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02/26/2016 13:22, by Andreas

Version 2.14 is released

Version 2.14 contains an important bugfix for MP3 Import.
All of you who had problems with it, should upgrade to 2.14, this will probably solve your issues.

There are some other improvements as well:
- "NEW" icon for new community projects and instruments
- "FX" button in the slot samples is highlighted if you chose custom fx settings
- Slot buttons are no longer switched off when soundboard is stopped and you disable a variant

P.S.: Did you know that there are already 180+ community projects which can be directly downloaded with the app? Have a look .. ;-)

Have fun with 2.14!

02/27/2016 13:59, by ocee

Re: Version 2.14 is released

good version, i like

03/05/2016 00:03, by user0420603

Re: Version 2.14 is released

nnnnnnoooooooo s

03/09/2016 16:49, by Minmin72482

Re: Version 2.14 is released

Update to me
[email protected]

03/09/2016 17:12, by Andreas

Re: Re: Version 2.14 is released

Hi Minmin,
please do not provide any personal data in a public forum.
This is for your own protection.
I edited your email.
Best regards

04/23/2019 18:29, by mdjalilahmed

Re: Version 2.14 is released

md jalil