Version 2.15 released

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03/12/2016 11:32, by Andreas

Version 2.15 released

Version 2.15 is released and it is a very hot release, as it contains the long awaited feature about "How to record my voice to the beat".
This is pretty easy now, done in the slot samples list, and you will be surprised how easy that works.
Further this version contains a new premium feature: you can import melodic instruments from soundfont .sfz files. Just create one, and then press the import .sfz button to select such a file.
If you are unfamiliar with soundfont files, please google soundfont free sfz or sf2. You will find hundreds of instruments, freely available on the internet.
Please note that you can also use .sf2 files but you need to convert them first on a PC. Please have a look for the free PC program SFZED, this will do the job.
Finally you will note that uFXloops switches to a new sample format - this new format is four times smaller, which allows faster downloads and less space occupied on SD card. This also had positive effects on the apk size. The sound quality is not degraded, as we still use a very high quality level.
You will also notice a lot of little improvements, the list is actually very long :-).
One odd you should know: For users who did not buy anything in the In-App-Shop, or never reached the TapJoy coins limit to switch off the interstitials, the live-recording time per recording has been limited to 90 seconds. You will probably cry a bit about that.
But to be honest - if you use this app to make songs, you should be able to buy at least e.g. 1000 coins, it's really cheap and will increase the live-recording time to 180 seconds. For Premium users this is of course virtually unlimited. We need to ask for your support this way, because an app like uFXloops with a very high invest in development and community also needs some monetization - a thank you doesn't pay the bills.
I hope you understand.

Best regards

04/11/2016 21:07, by user0448195

Re: Version 2.15 released

I'd like a change to the amount of time limited of recording because when I'm trying to download apps to make my timing longer it steals my coins.

04/11/2016 23:36, by Andreas

Re: Re: Version 2.15 released

Simple answer to this:
please buy either e.g. 1000 coins, this would raise the limit to 180 secs, or buy a premium account, this will remove the limit, remove all ads, give you hq audio quality (in settings), gives you full offline mode, all export functions, all samples free.
A problem reported to a user reset on a specific device tablet is currently examined. Gathering coins via tapjoy videos should be ok, isnt it?
Please note: it is highly recommended that you register a user before buying - so the buys are bound to your user and not to your device (e.g. in cased of reinstall you would lose everything otherwise).

Best regards

02/11/2021 19:17, by IrrerMungo

Re: Re: Re: Version 2.15 released

04/05/2016 03:34, by user0442160

Re: Version 2.15 released

i have a question why is our timing of recording limited now??

04/06/2016 20:01, by Andreas

Re: Re: Version 2.15 released

Well it's written above: if you use this app to produce songs above 90 seconds, you should buy at least 1000 coins or better buy the premium account. Premium means a lot more features, no ads and unlimited recording.

05/16/2016 14:51, by user0491551

Re: Re: Version 2.15 released

looks interesting

10/21/2019 10:32, by fellaw


how can I record for more than 5 minutes .my recordings are too short

10/29/2020 10:09, by user01415780

Re: Version 2.15 released

this is one of the best apps I've ever used in my life

02/04/2021 10:23, by user01457577

Re: Version 2.15 released