Please send me free coins

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12/21/2018 23:10, by anthony777

Please send me free coins

I need coins been try name make a better beat but it difficuLtd when u start out with so Lil I need this app it's my only way of making what I love

01/05/2019 10:59, by user01047201

Re: Please send me free coins

pls send me free coins

01/26/2019 08:55, by user01062470

Re: Please send me free coins


01/02/2019 04:00, by Magnificent_Honky

Re: Please send me free coins

You can get 10,000 coins for less than $10. Barring that, you can complete little TapJoy projects to build up your coin bank. I note, too, that on some parts of this app, there a "button" that says something along the lines of "click here to watch a video to earn coins." That appears to be unlimited. The videos are 30-60 seconds in length, and you earn 7 coins per view. Take an hour to do this, and build your Community Bank Account. I note that there are a number of things available in the community that are free, or under 20 or 30 coins.

Plus, you get a nominal amount of coins just for taking part in the community process. There are a number of ways to obtain coins.

If this is what you love, put forth the effort to obtain what you need to do what you love. It should be worth it to you.

03/17/2019 22:13, by lilslickpuller

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: Re: Please send me free coins