MMJ Soundpool?

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12/31/2018 06:18, by Magnificent_Honky

MMJ Soundpool?

This question may be floating around, answered already. But, I don't see a search function in regard to forum posts, so...

One of the "selling points" of uFXLoops, was the ability to use sounds from MMJ. I have found, and clicked, the button for that, but it's apparently empty. I have found nothing in the operation manual that even makes a reference to MMJ.

So, then, how does one go about utilizing the loops from MMJ (I've got better than half of the MMJ mixpacks, over there) over here in uFX?

01/01/2019 08:29, by Magnificent_Honky

Re: MMJ Soundpool?

Anybody at all have answer to this? An Admin, or Developer, or someone?