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07/17/2019 13:33, by Teenahshe


i need to import beat from sdcard how to i do that

01/19/2020 12:40, by Mayankverma

Re: import


You need to go to the samples option present on opening the app.
After that click to new sample and this action will take you to a place where you can create, record, edit, or import a sample.
To import the sample click import.
Browse to get to the folder which contains sound that you want to import.
IMPORTANT TIP: please find out the BPM or tempo of the sound you want to import.
To do this, you may use an app called Music Speed Changer, available on Google play.
further in this app you can also change the BPM of that sound according to your whims and fancies
After all this, import the sound as sample
adjust the click BPM by using the slider present on the screen and save the sample.