need help

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11/04/2019 12:58, by Clay14

need help

i cant download instruments. i have enough coins but cant download, keeps saying "Error. check free space and restart ufx Loops." i tried byt still the same. can't even download the free instruments

12/01/2019 21:23, by kkk818182

Re: need help

You must not have enough space on your phone or as card ( wherever you have UFX loops saved to).
You might want to uninstall apps you don't need, and pictures, videos, and files you don't really need, and clear the cache in your phone. You can do that with a phone cleaner app, or manually delete the cache in your phone by going to the storage settings in your phone and clear it, or go through each app manually and under storage or each app, clear cache.
Remember, though, when you clear the cache of an app,you will have to login to it again next time you use it.
Doing all of this should take care of your problem. you need to make sure you have a lot of room left in your storage, otherwise your phone will start doing weird things,then the sound will ever go out on UFX loops, and you will have to start all over on that.