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11/16/2019 08:56, by emmanueltheoobi


how will I save my beats on my device so I can listen to it

11/30/2019 23:00, by kkk818182

Re: saving

One way you can do that is record your best in the project you want to record it in , and press the music note icon in the left upper hand side ,next to the settings icon . On the lower left hand side of the menu of the music note icon, where the different parts of your instruments are recorded ,on the squares ,press record button, and press the squares you want to use on the recording. Press play while the recording button and the squares are picked , so that it will start the recording. Each recording is only 30 seconds long, but you can make multiple , to complete your whole song.
Anyways , once they are recorded,you can access them in your phone by going to your settings ,then Android, then Data, then , almost toward the bottom where you see Ufx loops listed , then Live Recordings. your songs will be there.
Also, another way of doing that is to download an audio recoder on your phone, and record as you are messing around with it. Wavepad is a good one and you can cut off the parts of the recording that you don't want to be on it.