Help Support Android Vers 6.0 / 6++

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01/07/2022 23:39, by yeye

Help Support Android Vers 6.0 / 6++

SD Card initialization problem
A Severe Problem has been detected during initialization of uFXloops. This could have several reasons, e.g. if there is not enough space on the SD card or internal memory or the SD card is not writeable. uFXloops needs a little bit of internal memory for the sample database (probably 1-10MB) and around 100MB on the SD card for samples. You see the name of the Exception class in the Title. Please contact our support: [email protected], we will help! You can also try to restart AFTER solving these memory problems. uFXloops is currently not usable on this device.

01/12/2022 14:58, by user01547453

Re: Help Support Android Vers 6.0 / 6++

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