Getting Started

Currently we recommend the four getting started videos for uFXloops that are listed below, the How-To tutorials on the web and the uFXloops Operations Manual (also available in GERMAN now). And if these videos and docs leave open questions, please don't hesitate to write us via the contact form on the bottom of the page - or just visit the Online Help Forum.

The basics: Play / Long-Click

The Soundboard is the center of your activities. Click on Projects. You see a list of projects. These are your 'Songs', and you can create new songs or play, edit, remix existing ones. Click on one project in the list and you are in the Soundboard. You see, there is a grid of so called 'Slot Buttons'. Click on one or several. And hit the 'Play' button on the lower left. If you do not hear sound, please check the volume settings for audio on your device.
Long-Click: For Edit options on list entries and Slot Buttons, you need to know one thing: Use the long-click. Stay with your finger on a list entry (like on a project name in the list) or on a slot button. This will open a context menu.
The following videos will show you how to play, mix and edit your projects. How to use parts and part variants. How to compose your own songs, make your own beats, with own samples and instruments or with community sounds. You can do a whole lot of things with uFXloops. It just takes a bit of your time.
If you hate watching videos, you can also get the Operations Manual as PDF which now is also available as Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch) or have a look at the quick How-Tos first.

Important! Tool Mode and Music Mode

On the upper left in the Soundboard you see a Tool icon and a Music icon. The Tool icon is selected by default. and represents the mode for editing and quick listening to slots. It does not need any playback and recording controls, these (and the variant buttons) become available when you switch to Music Mode. So, if you have a project that you want to record - please switch to Music Mode first.

The Theory: uFXloops Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts, for Starters who want to understand the theory behind uFXloops, creating music with samples

Getting Started Part 1

This video explains how to use the soundboard for playback and recording, how to create and play variants and parts, and how to use the controls for master, recordinglevel. A nice introduction to our soundboard player.

Getting Started Part 2

This video explains how to create your own samples by importing any kind of audio file, edit them, use them in percussive instruments. Basically you could build all kinds of drum machines and patterns and use them in your soundboards for your projects after this tutorial.

Getting Started Part 3

This video explains how to create melodic instruments and patterns with uFXloops. It also shows how you use ready-to-use loops, find the right bpm and automatically let uFXloops do the rest in the soundboard.

Getting Started Part 4

This video completes our Getting Started series by showing you how you beautify your project and edit and mix everything live while playing.