Our roadmap provides a quick outlook over what our development team has planned for the upcoming 12 months, except bugfixes ;-)
If you have other ideas, questions or miss a function which is not on this list, you are invited to contact us either via the Contact Form or by writing a mail to support [at] We'll appreciate your feedback.
From time to time we would like to offer user surveys so you can give us direction where to go when we have specific design decisions to make.


Open Community (Uploaded content will then be visible by public and indexed by Search engines) Q3/14

User comments on articles Q4/14

People Pages - planned for Q1/15

Friends and Bands - planned for Q1/15

App / Community

Search optimizations: Categories, Filters, Facets, Sort By - planned for Q4/14

Uploads of Recordings with Cueing Information - planned for Q4/14

Uploads of Instruments - planned for Q4/14

Uploads of Projects - planned for Q4/14

App Core and Usability

Effects (Delay, Filter, Reverb) - planned for Q4/14

Shuffle Mode ('Swinging' the rhythm) - planned for Q3/14

More Randomness Settings and Versatility for Slots playing - planned for Q1/15

Song Editor (compose by lining up parts / variants) - planned for Q1/15

Automation curves for mixer and effects planned for Q2/15

Notekey Finder for melodic notes planned for Q2/15 (Interims solution with playable keyboard planned)

Automatic BPM finder for Sample Loops planned for Q2/15

Multitouch Soundboard - planned for Q1/15

App Interfaces

MIDI import / export - planned for Q3/15